Trust, are we allowed to break?

Trust! What a beautifull word it is, when we trust someone or someone trusts us, we feel like nothing more is needed. It’s like we now locked ourself and gave the key to the one we trust. Now its in their hand to break us anytime by breaking our trust , as we gave ourself to the person we trust. Wow! Seems like trust is life . But why we give the key to other person? Why don’t we keep with us? Why we depend ourself on anyone? Why? My Today’s title says alot in itself! Are we allowed to break trust ? What if we don’t give that key to anyone? Can’t we trust and don’t expect it to remain same , both at the same time? First we trust , then we expect! Then we lock ourself and give key to that person forever! He has the authority to break us anytime! Why we always forget to trust us while trusting others? This is where the problem is! Trust comes with expectations and when that breaks we lose ourself , we lose ourself because we don’t love ourself , because we give our evrything to them, trust, time, authority, evrything! Love yourself! I scream!

Published by Mani

Advocate, Deep thinker

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